Defensive and Offensive Skills for the Cold and Flu Season

11/30/2008 (last updated: 08/24/2009 13:34)
Tim Glaesman

The colder months present a new set of challenges for our bodies to overcome. Drastic changes of moisture, temperature, and light cycle in the outside environment have a direct impact on our own internal environments. Preparing our minds and bodies to face the seasonal challenges becomes an art unto itself.

So what can we do to prepare? There have been thousands of years worth of research on this subject by many different cultures and several truths become evident. Try spending as many hours as possible sleeping when the sun is down, do not get up unless the sun comes up first. Once the sun is up its important to be active during the light cycle, try to take in the daylight any way you can. Avoid exercises that will cause dynamic shifts of temperature and moisture in your own internal environment, unless those exercises are being specifically used to correct an existing imbalance of internal dampness or temperature.

Exercise and body arts that maintain flexibility, strengthen the organs, calm the mind, and help to create and maintain a state of balance throughout our bodies should be encouraged. Stay warm and dry always dressing appropriately for the temperatures and the conditions you will be exposed to. According to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory it is vitally important to keep "evil winds" from invading our meridians. Make sure your body has the proper nutrients and hydration to defend itself, and as one of my students reminded me today wash your hands often.

If we are going to fight this battle we are going to fight to win. If you currently have or should you develop a serious medical condition please see a doctor. For the rest of us I would like to share information on several products that have proven to be of great value to close friends, my family, myself and million of others. Most of the formulations below have been developed with the cumulative wisdom of many generations, these formulas have been proven safe and effective by thousands of year’s worth of human testing.

The best product I have ever found to seal your pores and lock out "evil winds" is an herbal combination called Jade shield:

To provide your body with the nutrients it needs to defend itself against pathogenic invaders and also to retard the aging process Life Extension makes the most comprehensive and advanced formulations I have come across. If you do some research on the Life Extension company, its products, the doctors and scientists that founded this company, and what they do to protect your rights and health, then I believe you will form a similar opinion.

Lactoferrin (apolactoferrin) Caps, 60 capsulesLife Extension Mix™ Caps, 100 capsules


If we have done everything right and a pathogenic invader still manages to get through our defenses some of the herbal combinations shown below should help quickly dispatch the irritating invaders. I hope this article becomes interactive. Share your experiences dealing with the seasonal changes, provide information on the products that you try and the results of those trials. Learning is an ongoing process and my greatest wish is that all of us continue to protect, guard, and add to the cumulative database of holistic wisdom we have been entrusted with.



Tim Glaesman has enjoyed internal mind-body arts since a very early age and has always sought out and studied with the most advanced teachers. Tim has been practicing martial arts for 26 years and was promoted to 4th degree master many years ago. Tim currently teaches bagua, tai chi, and yoga in the NJ area and is a founding member of Tim enjoys his students, teaching, and the continual refinement of all that he has been taught.